"Big Boss" Whitetail Weigh-In Contest Rules and Regulations

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Gun-Buck Prize: $200 Gift Certificate

Gun-Doe Prize: $100 Gift Certificate

Archery-Buck Prize: $100 Gift Certificate

Archery-Doe Prize: $100 Gift Certificate

1. All deer should be properly field dressed. Total chest cavity must be cleaned. Deer will be weighed in this condition only!

2. All deer will be weighed only at Johnson's Country Store, during regular store hours only.

3. In the event of equal weights, the first weighed will be given precedence.

4. Officials at Johnson's Country Store may advise as to proper dressing of deer. All decisions are final.

5. Tickets for Archery entries must be purchased by 5:00 pm, Sunday September 30, 2018. Entries will be weighed starting 9:00 am, Monday, October 1, 2018.

6. Tickets for shotgun entries must be purchased by 9:00pm, Friday, November 16, 2018. Entries will be weighed starting 9:00am Saturday, November 17th, 2018.

7. All deer entered must be legally tagged with the NYS Big Game Tag or with a NYS Party Permit for the season of 2017-2018 and taken in the Southern Zone.

8. All prizes will be mailed no sooner than January 1st,2019.

9. A $10.00 registration fee is required. If registered before opening day of Archery, this registration fee will cover both Archery and Shotgun entries. Beginning opening day of Shotgun, the registration fee will cover Shotgun only.

10. Prizes are given in four divisions: Archery Buck, Archery Doe, Shotgun Buck & Shotgun Doe.

11. All sales tax are the responsibility of the winners.

12.Youths may enter all categories but must sign up by 9:00pm Friday October 5th, 2018 in order to weigh in during the Youth Hunt. Deer taken with a gun during Oct 6th-8th, 2018 youth hunt will qualify for the buck and doe gun categories only.

13.Deer may be taken using a black powder gun. Deer taken with a black powder gun will be weighed in starting 9:00 am December 10th until December 18th, 2018.


Turkey Contest Rules and Regulations

1st place: $50 Johnson's Gift Certificate

2nd place: $30 Johnson's Gift Certificate

3rd place: $20 Johnson's Gift Certificate

1. There will be a $5 entry fee.

2. Winner will be for the heaviest turkey (live weight)

3. In case of a tie, it will go to the longest beard. If still a tie, it will go to the longest spur.

4. All turkeys entered must be taken in NYS.

5. All turkeys will be weighed during store hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm & Sunday 11am-5pm

From May 1st, 2018 - May 31st, 2018

6. All measurements will be made by Johnson's Country Store employees only.

7. You must sign up by April 30th, 2018 @ 9:00 pm.